Covid in Maine

Your Innkeeper, Evin Carson

I have lived in Bar Harbor since 1989. I was instantly drawn to the beauty of the island and Acadia National Park. Ahhh, mountains on the ocean, perfect!

In the years before this bed and breakfast thing, I worked as a Jane-of-all-trades. I started working when I was about 12, cutting lawns, chopping and stacking wood, clearing gutters, babysitting, ect. Later it would be heavy labor on the polo horse farm, slopping the hogs, commercial fish cutting and crustacean processing, assistant kayak guide, local bartender, waitress. I also had a spell with pressing flower art and selling them as pictures. I have always liked the variety of people I have met along the way. Hospitality became a natural for me.

For fun, I am always drawn to the outdoors. I have visited national parks and cities all over the country. My last stint before moving to Bar Harbor was as part of the Audubon Expedition Institute. We lived on a school bus and traveled across our great country, learning along the way. I moved to Bar Harbor and Acadia after that. I enjoyed many years hiking around the area, biking, kayaking in the summer and skiing in Western Maine during winter.

After being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010, I was not able to do the rigorous hiking I was used to. The positive was that it encouraged me to explore new areas of the park. I found trails that were just as amazing at the bottom of the mountain as they were at the top. I am cancer-free now, and enjoy sharing my experiences with my guests. I also got my motorcycle license and I LOVE to ride! Any time, all year. Vroom vroom…

Perhaps my favorite thing now is cooking breakfast! I LOVE food. I LOVE to support local farmers and also grow my own vegetables. Farm-to-table, healthy, and delicious describe my breakfasts. To go from from never cooking breakfast, to now having people choose Holland Inn for the food, makes me so happy!

As I continue down my path, I take with me pride in the friendships I have made and the business I have built. I raised my kids at home, I nourish the gardens. I get to cook for happy, grateful people. What else could anyone hope for?