It is with many mixed emotions that I compose this message. The Holland Inn has been sold. I’m no longer an innkeeper. The new owners will change the name, which I don’t know what it will be. They also bought the inn next door and will tie them together. I am not sure, at all, what the future holds for me. I am not afraid of what it will be. It is hard for me to let go. 24 years, 14 years alone, I have ALWAYS loved the Holland Inn, and also all of my people. The happiness of the guests have made a huge impact on my life, and I will always be thinking of them. And, I am so thankful that I have been able to paint what I call my Holland Inn canvas. Cooking, gardening, raising my kids at home, being with my doggies. All of it has been amazing. Now it is time to find a new canvas. I will be sending an email around to my guests from the past 5 years, via my reservation system. The link and email will continue for the next few weeks, because the buyers don’t want it. I am going to ask whomever wants to stay in touch, pm me. Random job offers in the country would be considered.
I will still have my email since they aren't keeping the name.