Covid in Maine

Rooms at Holland Inn

All of the rooms at Holland Inn have private baths with modern amenities, A/C, cable TV, high speed wifi, and a delicious and healthy full gourmet breakfast. WE PERMIT ONLY TWO PEOPLE PER ROOM IN ALL ROOMS AT THE INN. A child needs to be at least 16 years old to occupy their own room.

The main house was built in 1895, and completely renovated in 1997. There are five guest rooms in this building, and all of the common areas are here too. The living room, parlor and sunporch offer books, games, maps and trail guides, all to borrow. There are sitting areas and a shuffleboard court in the front yard!

Beehive Room


This room has a queen bed, 3/4 bath (shower, no tub) and original wood floors.

The Beehive is my favorite mountain hike and is also a favorite room, boasting the original unique hardwood floors. Towering out of Sand Beach, the Beehive offers a competitive climb along with unmatched views of the beach and of Otter Cliffs bordering the Atlantic.

Beech Cliff Room

Beech Cliff

This room is the largest at Holland Inn. It is a three room suite with a king bed, one and a half baths, two tvs, and all the amenities you can think of.

Beech Cliff is a great hike located on the quiet side of the island. In the fall, there is a fire tower there that the Park opens for viewing foliage.

St. Sauvuer Room

St. Sauveur

This is one of the smaller rooms. Queen bed, private full bath.

The room's namesake comes from the mountain St. Sauveur located between Echo Lake and Somes Sound. Here the hiker can find the treasures of Man-O-War Brook and Valley Cove.

Bubbles Room


This is the smallest, and the most popular! It has a custom built, queen sized, “Captains” bed. This means there is only access on one long side. Private full bath.

The Bubbles room is named after Bubbles Mountain, which looms over Jordan Pond and the Teahouse.

Precipice Room


A beautiful room with five huge farmhouse windows. Queen bed, private full bath.

Precipice is the most challenging mountain hike on the island. Cliffs climb straight up out of the Atlantic along Ocean Drive and offer spectacular views. Truly a treat.

In 2002, the inn expanded across the back yard. This house was built around 1925, and we did a complete renovation to match the decor of the main house. The four rooms here are some of the inns’ largest and with the most amenities. There are no common areas inside this house.

Valley Cove

Valley Cove

This large room has a king bed, large private full bath and all the amenities.

As legend has it, Valley Cove offered shelter to German U-boats during WWI. The deep cove is surrounded by steep rock slides from Flying Mt and St Sauveur. The scenery is unmatched.

Pretty Marsh

Pretty Marsh

This large room has a semi-private outdoor patio, a king bed, large private full bath and all the amenities.

Pretty Marsh is a somewhat secluded area on the island, where abundant wildlife and great kayaking can be found.

Ship Harbor

Ship Harbor

This is the second largest room at the inn and has a king bed, large private full bath and all the amenities.

Ship Harbor, located on the Seawall coast, is where the first European settlers endured the conditions of the famous Maine winter. The harbor trail is an easy stroll around the inlet and out onto the rugged Seawall coastline.



This room is on the smaller side, but has a nice balcony overlooking the property. It has a queen bed and private full bath and all the amenities.

This shorefront trail on the Seawall coast is easy and magical. The trail gradually descends through odd shaped Pine trees and blueberry ground cover to the oceans edge. The room is also easy and magical.

The middle house was built from scratch in 2013. There are four rooms. They are not large rooms, but they are new and super comfortable. There is also one room in this house that is 100% handicap accessible.

Sieur de Monts

Sieur de Monts

This new room is handicap accessible. You do not need to be handicapped to reserve it. There is a queen bed, huge private full bath and all the amenities.

The Nature Center here includes exhibits about Acadia's protective efforts. The Wild Gardens of Acadia is here, which is a living guide to Acadia's plants and habitats. Lastly, the original (smaller) Abbe Museum is here, which has one of the finest collections of Indian artifacts in the state.



This new room has a semi-private outdoor patio. There is a queen bed, private full bath and all the amenities.

Parkman Mountain sticks out of the western side of Sargent Mountain. The trail has the most varied terrain in this area and there is a nice loop including Bald Peak, which avoids some of the steeper descents.



This is the largest of the rooms in the new building. It has a small outside area with chairs, but not “amazing”. There is a king bed, private full bath and all the amenities.

Cadillac Mountain has a huge variety of trails on, around and up to it, including a road for cars. My favorite hike is to start [take the free bus] at the North Ridge Trail, taking it to the top, then descending on the South Ridge Trail. This is a great, scenic, one way trip of about 3 1/2 hours.

Flying Mountain

Flying Mountain

This is my new favorite room. There is a large deck with sitting area, overlooking the gardens between houses. It is not a big room, but new and super comfy. It has a queen bed, private full bath and all the amenities.

The Flying Mountain trail is my favorite. The hike provides the best views for the least effort, however, it rates as moderate. You can hike to neighboring peaks to make a day of it, or you can do a quick one hour loop.